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Is it it’s or its? Where do semicolons go? What’s an adverb? Or a prefix? This ebook has all the punctuation and grammar tips you need to know to get you through your working day.

How many times have you started to write a sales letter, a report, a presentation or a blog post and got stuck on the its or it’s issue? You’re not alone.

Help! Is it it’s or its? is a punctuation and grammar ebook which will show you when to use a semicolon; the difference between e.g. and i.e.; and whether a full stop goes inside or outside of brackets.

You’ll discover the difference between affect and effect; what an adjective actually is; and where apostrophes should go.

And it’s all done in a really easy-to-understand way that’s not in the least bit serious or stuffy.

Who’s this ebook for?

1. You work in an office and you come out in a cold sweat when you have to write something.
2. You’re a small business owner and you have to write your own sales letters, press releases and blog posts – but you think you kind of suck at punctuation and grammar.
3. You left school ages ago and you’ve forgotten everything you ever learnt in English class.
4. You left school last year and you have qualifications in sports psychology, media relations and business studies but you have no idea what an adverb is. That’s probably because your teacher didn’t know either.
5. You never question spellchecker or grammar checker even though you think that sometimes it might be wrong.

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1.0 Introduction: Some stuff about this ebook. Who it’s for. What’s in it.
2.0 Mini glossary: What the heck is a suffix, an antonym and a verb? All will be revealed here.
3.0 Punctuation: Dots, dashes and squiggly bits.
3.1 Apostrophes. How to use ‘em.
3.2 Brackets (and why they’re so handy).
3.3 Colons: How to avoid colonic irritation.
3.4 Commas. Good for lists, separating bits, and marking things off.
3.5 Dashes and hyphens – what are they?
3.6 Ellipses… for stuff left out…
3.7 Exclamation marks! Yay!
3.8 Full stops. Period.
3.9 Quotation marks. Sometimes they’re like “this”. Sometimes like ‘this’.
3.10 Question marks? What are they for?
3.11 Semicolons. Useful bits of punctuation; really, they are.
4.0 Grammar. What is it? And why do we have to have it? No, really why?
4.1 Active voice over passive voice. Who can shout the loudest?
4.2 Agreeing the subject and the verb. ‘I is aren’t I?’
4.3 Capital punishment. When to use CAPS.
4.4 Etc., e.g., i.e., et al. What have the Romans ever done for us?
4.5 Fewer or less. Or a bit more perhaps.
4.6 Me, myself and I. And anyone else who wants to join in.
4.7 Splitting the infinitive. Boldly going and all that.
4.8 Starting a sentence with a conjunction. Because you’re worth it.
4.9 Tenses. Why they can cause headaches.
4.10 Words that everyone screws up.

Free bonus tracks

There are even a couple of free bonus tracks included.

5.0 Free bonus tracks: How to plan your work. How to check your work. How to get out of bed in the morning when you don’t want to. (Ok, that last one’s not included.)
5.1 How to write: An easy peasy 7 step process.
5.2 How to proofread: 12 top tips for getting it right.

About the author

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner is a freelance copywriter based in London, England.

Her style is informal and witty. Some may say irreverent. But she could never be accused of writing copy which is ‘corporatey’, jargon-filled or vanilla-flavoured.

Her words inspire, persuade and inform. And they quite often get people to buy stuff.

Many thanks go to Rob Dobson, Elaine Swift, Mark Allen and Dawn Turner who have helped with the production of this ebook.

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Download your copy of Help! Is it it’s or its? for only 99p plus VAT

(via PayPal using your account or credit/debit card)