Copywriting Portfolio: Good words in situ

From the fun and informal to the serious and sensible: I’ve written copy for all sorts of clients, all over the world. This copywriting portfolio has just a tiny taster of some of my digital and print work.

Client: Think:Build
Project: Copy for website that offers coaching and consulting for architects and designers
Details: Britta is a qualified architect as well as a sought-after coach. So the copy had to show that Think:Build really understands the challenges architects face. The result is a beautiful site that really appeals to its audience.
Link: Think:Build website

Client: Ash Barton
Project: Optimised website copy for Devon’s best big party house
Details: Lots of keyword rich content needed for this beautiful wedding and party venue. Of course, we had to try it out for ourselves and I can wholeheartedly recommend the comfy beds, the fresh eggs and the country air.
Link: Ash Barton website

Client: Cegid
Project: White paper for the Walpole Luxury Summit, for global retail software providers
Details: This focused on the growth of the Chinese market and how luxury brands are succeeding in the region. Interesting topic to research and write about.
Link: Globalisation with localisation white paper PDF

Client: Jackdaw Design
Project: Optimised web copy for award-winning design agency
Details: Always a pleasure to work with talented and innovative designers. Amanda’s branding work is stunning so it was easy for me to write about. I got sent some Radox too.
Link: Jackdaw Design website

Client: The Hero Project
Project: Web copy, brand guidelines and training for new beauty brand
Details: It’s always great when clients give me stuff to try. Try Glow Drops. It’s amazing. Seriously. Click on the link and get some.
Link: The Hero Project website

Client: MR Associates
Project: Web copy for housing benefit scheme advisers
Details: Sometimes you get to work on really worthwhile projects and this was one of them. I think the design is pretty groundbreaking too.
Link: MR Associates website

Client: Mellor and Smith
Project: Web copy for London design agency
Details: As well as being brilliant designers, the Smith and Mellor chaps are straight-talking and massive fun to work with. The ball-ache in their copy is all me. The effing in their copy is all them.
Link: Mellor and Smith website

Client: Riley Consulting
Project: Website copy for a group of independent construction consulting firm
Details: This huge project consisted of four websites, hands on project management and a very big spreadsheet. The resulting websites reflect Henry Riley’s 100-year heritage and the group’s modern, forward-thinking outlook.
Link: Riley Consulting website

Client: Friends of Wilson
Project: Website copy for acoustic panel designer
Details: The screens and panels created by renowned designer Lynne Wilson are stunning, and I was fortunate to feel them in real life at Lynne’s London showroom. This simple, stylish website shows off the products in all their glory.
Link: Friends of Wilson website

Client: Rooms Outdoor
Project: Printed landscape brochure for garden pavilion designer
Details: Rooms Outdoor needed a high quality printed brochure to showcase their latest louvred pavilion, the Leggero. If only I squeeze one of these beauties into my tiny London garden.
Link: Rooms Outdoor brochure PDF

Client: Sheilas’ Wheels for Clockwise
Project: Direct mail copy for insurance company
Details: Writing copy with an antipodean slant is always a blast. Where else can you say strewth and corker? Great clients to work with. Although disappointed my line ‘problem with your stopcock’ got axed.
LinkSheilas’ Wheels direct mail PDF

PR Superstar

Client: PR Superstar
Project: Optimised web copy for PR company
Details: It’s always a worry writing for another writer. But PR Superstar pretty much signed this copy off straight away. Job done! Truly original web design as well.
LinkPR Superstar website

Client: Morgan Lovell
Project: Optimised web copy and case studies for office interior designers
Details: Bespoke graffiti. Red telephone boxes. Fussball. Sigh. At some point Turner Ink is going to have an office designed by the chaps at Morgan Lovell.
Link: Morgan Lovell website

Client: Selhurst Park
Project: Optimised web copy for south London function space
Details: I would never write copy for that lilywhite north London lot. But Palace is only down the road and they’re nice people. Got an event coming up? Check out Selhurst Park.
Link: Selhurst Park website

Client: Jobsite
Project: Conference white paper for online recruitment company
Details: I was asked to attend this Fresh Thinking conference and write up the subsequent white paper. I also got to hear two inspirational speakers in Scott Stratten and Amanda Hite. Bonus.
LinkJobsite White Paper PDF

Client: Thomson for Hive Creative
Project: A series of advertisements for Thomson city breaks
Details: Tiny, eye-catching headlines to sum up the destination city. Ooh-la-la.
LinkThomson PDF

Client: Kingston First for The Creative People
Project: Copy for printed tourist materials
Details: I used to live in Kingston, so it’s always nice writing about this historic market town. Did you know that seven Saxon kings were crowned in Kingston? Now you do.
Link: Kingston First Brochure PDF

Client: Plane Perspective
Project: Optimised website copy for marketing consultant
Details: Plane Perspective’s Joanne Plane is great at what she does and a brilliant person to work with. So projects like this go like a dream. Love the design on this one too.
Link: Plane Perspective website

Client: University of Southampton for Wax sii
Project: Copy for Health Sciences prospectus
Details: I’ve worked with Wax sii on a number of projects for the University. There aren’t many jobs where you write about midwifery, Lord Palmerston and the ancient ruins of Herculaneum on the same day.
LinkSouthampton University Prospectus PDF

Client: Skinnies
Project: Copy for sun cream website in NZ
Details: With the client in New Zealand, we had lots of early morning calls on Skype. But this was such a great project to work on. And a worthwhile product too.
Link: Skinnies website

Client: Locate Properties
Project: Optimised web copy for south London estate agent
Details: In an area saturated with corporate estate agents these guys stand out for their local knowledge and good service. I kept the copy friendly and approachable.
LinkLocate Properties website

Client: Datadial
Project: Copy for digital web agency in Hammersmith
Details: I know these guys via Twitter, so when it came to updating their website they gave me a call. They’re a cool, laid back bunch. So we made the copy cool and laid back too.
LinkDatadial website

Client: Retail IT
Project: Advertorial for retail EPOS specialist in Boutique Magazine
Details: I love doing advertorials. I interviewed Melanie at her boutique in Barnes Village, which meant I saw the hardware and software ‘in action’. I seem to recall I also got a parking ticket that day.
LinkBoutique Advertorial PDF 

Client: Supranational for Zoo
Project: Printed sales materials for leading hotel representation company
Details: This was complex technical copy. But an in-depth meeting early on in the process with Supranational’s MD and the guys at Zoo ensured the project went smoothly.
LinkSupranational sales brochures PDF

Client: Snowfire
Project: Web copy for exhibition and event design and build company
Details: Know those stands that have amazing lighting, cool seating, stunning graphics and free wine? These are the guys that make it happen.
Link: Snowfire website

Client: Virgin Holidays for BDL
Project: Sales letter and brochure for Virgin and Beaches holidays
Details: A sales letter and brochure which had to be as fun, happy and sunny as the holidays they were advertising. Shame I didn’t get to test the merchandise.
LinkVirgin Holidays PDF

Client: The Charter Company for Design Inc
Project: Corporate brochure for private air charter company
Details: Gorgeous coffee table corporate brochure with stunning images and emotional words.
LinkThe Charter Company PDF

Client: Ratio Financial
Project: Web copy for a Finance Coaching for Lawyers website
Details: Did you know that finance know-how is essential for today’s commercial lawyers? Well it is. Great client made this job easy.
LinkRatio Financial website

Client: Boggio Studios
Project: Optimised website copy for well-known portrait photographer
Details: There are photographers and then there’s Julia Boggio. Whenever I was at their studio in Wimbledon it felt like I’d stumbled on to a Vanity Fair shoot. If you want to oooh an aaah check out the baby pics.
Link: Boggio Studios website

Client: Smartest Energy for The Pink Group
Project: Ad in exhibition catalogue
Details: This was at the time of the Scottish Independent vote. So I used a play on words to create an eye-catching ad.
Link: Smartest Energy press ad

Client: Charles Russell Speechlys
Project: Website and insert copy for one of the UK’s top law firms
Details: This was a huge site and a big project. It took a while but the results are outstanding and really set Charles Russell Speechlys apart from other law firms.
LinkCharles Russel Speechlys website

Client: B3 Designers
Project: Press release for interior architects regarding a London bar design
Details: This press release went to all the interior design press, so it had to be edgy, yet informative.
LinkB3 Designers PDF

Client: Aviocharter
Project: Website copy for air cargo specialist
Details: In my career I’ve written more copy about aircraft than any other industry. Can’t be many copywriters that have flown on an AN124. Really like the design of this one page website too.
LinkAviocharter website

Client: Very Important Pets
Project: Optimised web copy and advertorial for pet agency
Details: I got to write about puppies and kittens and bunnies all day. Sometimes being a copywriter really does have its perks.
LinkVery Important Pets website

Client: Cobra
Project: Copy for insurance company brochures
Details: We did a series of brochures for Cobra targeting all the industries they cover. It can be hard making manufacturing insurance look and sound interesting. This does a pretty good job I think.
LinkCobra Insurance manufacturing PDF

Client: ZPM
Project: Product copy for e-commerce website
Details: Amusing and appealing words about lots of products. I got a free shower cap out of this job.
LinkZPM website

Client: SES for Merchant Cantos
Project: Ads and brochure for worldwide satellite provider
Details: Merchant Cantos is one of London’s leading creative agencies. So it was good to work with them on a series of ads and brochures for SES.
LinkSES – World Skies PDF