Cut the bull from your press releases. Please

I was amused by a letter in this week’s Design Week, in which Richard Murray, of London’s Williams Murray Hamm, grumbles about the rubbishy press releases he receives from design consultants.

He complains of meaningless statements like ‘the brighter red feels more contemporary’. And refers to ‘merging the word Air and France asserts Air France’s international status while preserving its traditional values’ as “absolute c**k”.

Murray goes on to say that “if this is how we talk about what we do, it’s no surprise the design industry often struggles to be taken seriously.”

Yep, couldn’t agree more. Some press releases I see are appalling. Not only are they uninteresting, unstructured, full of industry bull and right up themselves, they’re also littered with punctuation and grammar errors.

If your PR agency is churning out this sort of nonsense you might want to think about changing your PR agency. Just sayin’.

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