The inbox is empty. Real life story of one copywriter’s fight to break the email habit

Back in February I ‘fessed up to being an email junkie. I was a ‘reader, filer, reader, filer’. And sometimes I was a ‘leave it in my inbox for weeks and weeks in the hope I’ll get round to it at some point’. 

But as of today, the inbox is EMPTY. Yay. And, no, I haven’t just shoved all my emails into folders. I’ve really deleted them. Gone. Gone. Gone. And it feels good.

Empty Inbox

Probably the most boring image ever used in a blog post


Next stop is to cull the contents of the folders that are left. And get rid of the sent items.

I’m not cured yet. But I’m definitely on the road to recovery. Just don’t email me your congratulations.


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