Your new year’s resolution

So what were your new year’s resolutions? Already broken them? Yep, me too. But, if you only commit to one thing this year, make 2009 the year you change your writing style.

Stuffy, formal, waffly writing is out, out, out. And informal, friendly, conversational writing is the new black baby. 

Here are five top tips to help you on your way. 
1. Read something informal before you start writing, like your favourite blog, online magazine or the Turner Ink website. This will help you get in the ‘zone’.

2. Write something, and then read it out loud. It really helps. You might have to sit in a meeting room or the loo for this one.

3. Take just one line and see how you can make it more simple and easy to read. Use shorter words like ‘facts’ rather than longer words like ‘information’. Then do another line and another line.

4. When you write a long word or a complex sentence that you’re really impressed with – change it.

5. Get someone else to read it – who will tell you the truth.

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