How to hire a copywriter who’s right for you and your business

Ok, you’ve decided you need a copywriter. And that’s a good thing. Because now you can get on with doing your proper work and leave all the word stuff to a professional.

But how do you hire a copywriter? Where do you start?

The good news is there are lots of good copywriters around. The bad news. Yep, you guessed it. There are some pretty awful ones as well.
So here are a few tips on how to hire a copywriter that’s right for you and your business.

  • Ask around. If you’re already working with a web designer, graphic designer or marketing agency chances are they know a local, experienced copywriter. And speak to other businesses you know. Who wrote your suppliers’ sales letters? Or your customers’ websites?
  • Google it. Ahhh the modern day mantra. There are zillions of copywriters on the Web. So be specific. Search for ‘website copywriter’ , ‘sales letter copywriting’ or ‘Copywriter Manchester’ and see who comes up.
  • Found a copywriter? Now have a good look at their website. Is it well-written? Up to date? Error free? A copywriter who doesn’t care about their own website probably won’t care about yours.
  • What experience have they got? A good copywriter can write about anything and in any tone. So don’t be put off if your copywriter has never written about rust resistant plastic covered clothes pegs before.
  • More importantly, make sure your copywriter has experience in the medium you need. SEO website copywriting, press releases and direct mail require different copywriting skills. Make sure your copywriter has them.
  • Give them a buzz. Copywriters are on the whole a pretty friendly bunch and more than happy to chat about what they do. Chances are your project will take a while. So the copywriter you hire will have to be somebody you get on with and who shares your marketing vision. Or at least gets your sense of humour.
  • Ask lots of questions. How busy are they? Do they work full-time? Can they attend 9.00am meetings? Can they liaise with your web designer? If you’re not feeling it – move on.
  • How much will it cost? The $64,000 question. Or it could be less than that! An experienced copywriter will be able to give you a ballpark figure over the phone.
  • Once you’ve had an initial meeting or a longer phone call, your copywriter will be able to send you a detailed estimate. Check to see how many drafts are included; what’s the timescale; and whether a deposit is needed.

Happy with everything? Sign the estimate and see How to brief a copywriter.

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