Book Review: Punctuation..? by User Design

Chrimbo came early at Turner Ink Towers this week when I was sent a book on punctuation from the cool guys over at User Design.

If you’re the kind of person who still buys your reading from a bookstore, this is the kind of book you might purchase on a whim if it was sitting next to the till surrounded by bookmarks; a tourist’s guide to Cockney Rhymin’ Slang; and the top 1000 funniest jokes in the world. And it’s the kind of book that will make a perfect stocking-filler for all those people in your life who don’t know their apostrophes from their ellipses.

Inside you’ll find explanations for everyday punctuation marks like colons and semicolons, plus ones you may not be so familiar with including the pilcrow, interpunct and guillemet. And of course they’re all humorously illustrated in the usual User Design style.

It’s a cute book. But it’s not cheap. And at ten quid its way too much for something Amazon describes as a pamphlet. (Although the quality of the paper is very nice.) And it’s ten times the price of my own rather fabulous grammar and punctuation ebook that retails for just a few pence. 99 of them to be precise.

Punctuation…? from User Design is available from their website, Amazon and all good shops.

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