To be or not to be? That is the question mark (and when to use it)

Not sure when to use a question mark? Confused as to where it should go? Probably not as it’s one of the easiest bits of punctuation to get right. But here’s a quick recap.

Do use a question mark

At the end of a sentence with a direct question: ‘is kick-off at 7.45pm tonight?’

In brackets when you’re not sure of a fact: ‘he was born in 1588 (?) in London.’

Don’t use a question mark

At the end of an indirect question: ‘the teacher asked the class what they were doing.’

When it’s a polite request: ‘would everyone without the right form please move to the front.’

With other punctuation: ‘he said what?!’

More than once: ‘want to get fit for the summer?????’

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