So, like, how did you do with the teen slang?

Ok, so here are the answers from yesterday’s post. Was you tidy or was you confuzzled?

1.How might you embarrass a friend?

Dekecking – pulling down your mates’s trousers. What a jape!

2. If a girl was to describe an attractive boy, what might she say?

Mcfittie – Obvs.

3. If something was amusing it could be described as:

Hollage – hilarious!

4. If a young person has too much too drink what would they be?

Chenzed – tired or drunk

5. “You turn into a right…….when you’re drunk”

Meg – It means ‘most embarrassing girl/guy’. Who knew?

And how about these?

Redonkulous – ridiculous
Sketchy – flaky
Bless – cute, sweet, same as awww
Old School – back in the day. As in “I love old school hip-hop like Grandmaster Flash”. Oh by the way, people who say ‘old school’ are too young to remember it
My bad – or My B. My mistake. Or Mea Culpa if you’re that way inclined
Man up – Be brave, toughen up. (Most used from the stands at Emirates Stadium in the direction of over-dramatic European players)
Killa – the best, number one. As in “killa tunes”
Netglow – what you suffer from when you buy something that looks really good online but is rubbish when it arrives
Facebook minute – an elongated and obscure period of time spent distracted on Facebook when you only wanted to quickly check your messages
Text purgatory – waiting for someone to text back. “Why hasn’t he texted me yet? Why? Why?”

So how did you do? Were you porn (good) or were you a wasteman (fool). You get me?


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