How to write successful website copy. A beginner’s guide

You’ve decided you need a website. You’ve briefed a whizz-bang designer and you’ve found yourself agreeing to write the copy. It can’t be that difficult right? Wrong!

Writing successful website copy can be tough. But here are a few tips to get you started. 

Who’s calling?
Have a clear idea of who will be visiting your website. Will they already know about your product or service? What are they looking for? Are they going to order from your site? Know your visitor – and write punchy copy that will appeal to them.

Look at me!
Headlines and sub headings should grab your visitor’s attention. Once you’ve got ‘em hooked – keeping them on your site should be easy.

Size matters
Visitors will scan a page rather than read every word. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and snappy.
• And use
• bullet points
• where you can.

What’s in it for me?
The history of your company may be of interest to you but your visitor just wants to know the benefits. Remember to tell them on the first page.

Get your visitor involved by including Calls to Action: ‘download free information’, ‘call us now’ and ‘click here for more details’.

Eeeek! Be spider friendly
Use relevant keywords or phrases to ensure the search engine spiders know exactly what you site is all about. Don’t forget spiders also love clear, relevant copy so don’t drown your copy in search terms.

That’s so last year
Keep your website copy fresh and current by updating it regularly. Have a news page with company news, employee achievements or new product information. If you don’t care about your site – why will your visitor?

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