Don’t be a website bore. It’s all about conversations not speeches

Imagine yourself at a party; glass of warm punch in one hand, cold sausage roll in the other. And you’re trapped with the party bore. He’s giving you a speech about his latest achievements; the speed of his car; his golf handicap; and his plans for world domination. You can’t get a word in edgeways and he doesn’t ask you anything about yourself. It’s a drag isn’t it?   

Now take a look at your website. Is it the online equivalent of the party bore? Is it talking about how great your company is; what it’s achieved; how long it’s been going; and what it sells?

Your website should talk with your customers not at them.

Have you got a problem with something? We think our product or service can help.
What else would you like to know? We’re waiting for your call.
How can we help you? Drop us a mail.

In fact, your website should be the ultimate party host: entertaining, attentive and helpful. 

Now pass me a glass of champers.

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