What kids can teach us about search

Me to my nephew Jack: What are you up to?

Jack: I’m just looking for something online

Me: What you looking for?

Jack: Some goal posts. I just put ‘goal posts’ into Google but I couldn’t find what I wanted.

Me: What are you after then?

Jack: Ones for the garden. Let me try ‘garden goal posts’. Nah. I wanted smaller ones than that. Let me try ‘pop up goal posts’.

Me: Oh there they are. Is that what you were looking for?

Jack: Hmm. They’re a bit expensive. Let me try searching for ‘cheap pop up goal posts’. Yes, these are the ones I want. DAAAAAAAAAD! Can I have your bank card please?

Jack knows that when you’re searching online, using a long tail key phrase will always get you what you want.

Jack is 8.

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